Three entries today in the book. The man and the woman walked into the lift and then went out again twenty minutes later. A man with glasses went into the lift. He was picking his nose very aggressively before he went in and I wrote down 'When human beings are by themselves they are often disgusting.' Then I crossed that out and wrote 'Human beings are disgusting.'

A child came out of the lift. I don't think that an inner-city block of flats is a good environment to bring up a child. Shouldn't they live out in the country or something. Sinister people have plenty of chances to observe children when they live in the centre of a city which is why they should be locked up out of the way in a farmhouse or something.

It is not a good idea for children to become overly interested in farm animals. It stunts their capacity for intellectual development. I suppose that children really have no safe place to grow up.

I chuckle to myself manically and write 'Ban all children'. Ha ha ha. I write a lot of things in here for my own amusement. Ha ha. But in my mind I know that banning children is totally wrong.

I underline 'Ban all children' so that I know it is sarcasm. I am scared that I will look back on this in sixty years and not be able to know which parts are sarcasm and which parts are sincere.

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